Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tropical Rainforest at National Aquarium Baltimore

The National Aquarium of Baltimore offers many various exhibits, but the one thing this non-profit public aquarium is famous for is its Tropical Rainforest exhibit. This exhibit simulates theAmazon rainforest with even two elevated platforms for charter bus visitors to enjoy bird watching.
There is also a cave at this exhibit where mini bus rental visitors can view many glass exclosures featuring reptiles, amphibians and terrestrial arthropods in many shapes and sizes.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

The American Visionary Art Museum

Have you heard of visionary art? Defined as “art produced by self-taught individuals who have not undergone formal training, and the work is based on the inner voice of one’s soul”. Sounds quite complicated? Well, instead of reading about it, charter bus visitors should head over to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, where many beautiful “raw artworks” are displayed.

The Uniqueness of the Museum

Visionary art is quite unusual, and the way this museum handles its exhibitions are different from what you usually find in other regular art museums. Instead of focusing on a specific type of style or artist, the exhibitions sponsored by the American Visionary Art Museum are based on titles. Some of the exhibition titles that have been hosted at this museum are like “Wind in My Hair”, “The Art of War and Peace”, “What Makes Us Smile”, and the most recent one, “The Art of Storytelling: Lies, Enchantment, Humor & Truth”.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Healthier Ice-Cream from Pitango Gelato

Are you having around Fell’s Point waterfront on a hot summer day in Baltimore? Is your charter bus Baltimore group of travelers longing for some ice-cold beverage or ice-blended drink to get you going? Then head over to one of Baltimore’s Fell’s Point’s Pitango Gelato.
For those who are unsure what a gelato is, gelato quite literally translates to ‘frozen’ in Italian. For Italians, the mere mention of gelato automatically means ice-cream, yogurt or sorbet. The real difference between an Italian gelato and your regular store-bought ice-cream is that normal ice-cream would contain twice the amount of fat and sugar of a gelato.
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Monday, October 14, 2013

A Maryland Blue Crab Feast is an Absolute Must

In terms of finding good eats in Baltimore, you can’t go wrong with blue crab hunting. It is as unique as unique goes, frankly speaking and if you look around on the internet, you will most certainly come up with pages and pages of information about how unique Maryland’s blue crab is. In fact, learning about their habitat, where they are found, recipes and then watching videos about how to eat them will enrich your experience when you are right here, enjoying this wonderful delicacy. And we have plenty of those delicious crabs right here, at the heart of Maryland - Baltimore.
We will have you know that blue crab hunting is both serious business and seriously scrumptious at the same time. This amazing species of crabs have been commercially caught and eaten in Chesapeake Bay a long time ago and we are talking to the tune of since 1800s. Ultimately, it has turned into a part of Baltimore’s charm when people come over to the state for a visit. Ask a foodie who has been here in Baltimore if they have ever experienced eating a blue crab, and chances are, they are going to rattle on and on about how unique the experience was. Blue crabs are enjoyed so much that the state of Maryland had to put a cap on how much each person can catch on a daily basis to ensure that there is a balance and this species do not go extinct. The catching can become rather rampant especially during their annual crab harvesting season. In fact, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources religiously conducts surveys during the winter months to estimate the population of these precious crabs.
The locals are, indeed, proud of this culture and they will, in a friendly manner, show you the best way to get the most meat out of your dish. It is not an art and it takes some mastering but....most definitely something you will look forward to doing again on your next Baltimore charter bus rental visit. It is at this time of the year that they are in abundance so, if you are heading over during summer and the beginning of fall, we think you just had a stroke of luck.
Smaller eateries or your local fine dining outlet usually hold traditional feasts which includes some ice cold beer you can enjoy with your family and friends during the vacation. So, if you are coming over to Baltimore in your rented charter bus this end-summer or early fall, go ahead and make a grab for those crab meat. We are sure you are going to agree with us when we is to-die-for.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Baltimore Streetcar Museum, Baltimore

For someone who truly enjoys touring museums and never seems to get enough of them, then a trip to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum at 1901 Falls Road, Baltimore, in a charter bus is indeed inevitable. And if you are this person that we are talking about, we would not be surprised if you would almost immediately make arrangements to go visit this museum with your friends or family members. After all, when it comes to planning trips (whether it is to a museum or anywhere that is fun) with friends or family members, it is always worth it, isn’t it?

Baltimore Streetcar Museum is located at 1901 Falls Road, Baltimore and is run by volunteers and they depend very much on donations from the visitors in order to maintain the museum. Most of the times, when Baltimore charter bus visitors come to visit this museum and when they hear that it is run by volunteers, many are quite apprehensive about the service that they would get from the volunteers. However, we are glad to say that with the volunteers at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, you get nothing but top of the notch kind of service and enthusiasm! The volunteers are well trained, patient and absolutely passionate about what they are doing that you and your entourage will leave the place feeling very satisfied with what you have seen and learned from them.

The Baltimore Streetcar Museum will bring back a lot of memories for those who were old enough to have ridden on one of the streetcars back when it was a popular thing. The streetcars at the museum were all restored by the volunteers who have spent countless hours working on them and restoring them to their former glory. They also have a wide collection of period photographs, many of which Baltimore charter bus visitors would always enjoy because you don’t get to see much of such photographs anymore. On top of that, they also have a half mile track that allows visitors to get a nice ride and a great experience of what it feels like to be riding on one of the streetcars. The museum also have special exhibition during different months of the year, so be sure to check out their website for the latest happenings if you want to participate or enjoy their special events. Oh, and one more thing, the Baltimore Streetcar Museum is also a place for you to arrange for your own special events such as birthday parties, meetings and so on. You can always find out more when you go there to visit in the charter bus.

Friday, July 12, 2013

BMA, Baltimore Museum of Art

Ever since the government decided to pour more cash into developing the Baltimore Inner Harbor in the 1970’s, the city has been growing exponentially well and now, Baltimore is no longer just your ordinary harbor is a thriving tourist destination that millions throng to for their Baltimore bus charter vacations and summer holidays. The urban renewal standards for Baltimore has been raised and the rest is history. It is common to find artists resting along the inner harbor to practice their art, street entertainers in open air concerts and many people come to Baltimore for the abundance of parades and colorful festivals.
Along with these developments, the Baltimore Museum of Art, BMA, have garnered much attention from the international art scene too. In fact, it is one of the few museums in the country that houses some of the most renowned contemporary artwork collection from the 19th century. It has come a long way since its inception in 1914, then having only one single painting, it now exhibits more than ninety thousand masterpieces from geniuses from all around the world. BMA, remains to be one of the most popular Baltimore charter bus rental hotspots for art and entertainment enthusiasts and rightly so too.
For those who are interested in viewing some of the best European and American fine art, you will not be disappointed with the various exhibits made available at this awesome museum. The museum, in support of the creative industry, are actively engaging with artists from all walks of life and are exceptionally supportive of people talented individuals who are keen in working on prints, drawings and contemporary art. The exhibits includes fine art from Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Ancient Americas and Pacific Islands too so, we are sure it won’t be hard finding something that completely grabs your attention.
Every year, the museum organizes a whole host of events, festivals and exhibitions that are deemed innovative and hands-on by the tourism and cultural industry itself so, if you are here in Baltimore for a short charter bus tour of the city, we suggest penning down a visit to this amazing museum. Visit the museum’s website to find out when they are having these cultural and educational events too. Not only is the interior of the museum intricately designed, the exterior of the premise is incredibly astonishing as well. It is located about three miles from Baltimore’s inner harbor in a very serene park and garden setting at the heart of gorgeous Charles Village and adjacent to The John Hopkins University.
Bus Charter Baltimore, in the meantime, have your back as far as charter bus, shuttle bus, mini bus, school bus, bus coach or party bus in Baltimore is needed. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.

Friday, June 28, 2013

An Eerie But Fun Baltimore Ghost Tour

You may have tried many different types of tours during when you are on holidays but have you have an encounter with the supernatural while having some drinks with your friends? Ghost stories are usually told over campfires but with Baltimore Ghost Tours, you are not just told stories of the eerie kind, but you get to do that while pub hopping at the same time! Hop on one of our Baltimore charter buses and let the bus driver take you on a trip that will begin your very adventure of an authentic ghost tour.

From March right up until November 2013, Baltimore Ghost Tours will have their ghostly bus charter walking tours running every Friday and Saturday. Their tours will take off from the sidewalk just right outside the Max’s sidebar, located on 731 S Broadway, Baltimore. Before you book any of our charter buses, do remember to first get your tickets for the Baltimore Ghost Tours on their website, though they do have sell some remaining tickets right there on the spot but it will be a first come, first serve basis and they don’t guarantee that they have remaining tickets all the time. So, unless you have already booked your ghost tour tickets online, you risk the chance of being disappointed if you think you can get one of those last minute tickets when you get to the sidewalk where the tour begins.

They have available three types of tickets sold online and it is up to you which type of ticket that you would wish to purchase – depending on your group and the kind of ghost tours that you want to participate in. Whichever ghost tour that you would pick, our Baltimore charter Bus Company will make sure that you will get there on time.

Baltimore Ghost Tours is basically a combination of pub crawling and ghost stories sessions by your designated tour guide. Some participants who were said to be rather skeptical before they joined this tour became less brave after hearing some of the stories told by the tour guides. Having said that, you don’t have to be chicken out of this tour, as you can also learn about Baltimore, even through telling “ghostly tales”!

As you end the Baltimore Ghost Tour, you will find your faithful Baltimore chartered bus driver waiting for you to bring you home and if you have enjoyed the tour, do plan for another soon!